Welcome to Free-moNebraska

We are a collection of N scalers who strive for ultra realism in modular model railroading.

The Standard

With Free-mo, we strive to build our modules as realistic as possible. We are here to build plausible, believable scenes that provide an environment in which we can choose to operate trains across all modules in a realistic fashion.
Learn more about the standards here .

Modular Design

From a single module switching operation to a grande railway network; given any space, Free-moNebraska's core modules can accomodate a wide range of prototypical railway operations. Check out our upcomming show schedule here.

Awesome Display

With Free-moNebraska it's not Model Railroading, it's Railroading. A full set up consists of multiple industries, a prototypical freight and engine yard and several miles of mainline through award winning scenery! Visit the photo gallery to see our favorites!

Rules of the Road

The Free Modular, or "Free-mo" standards specify electrical and mechanical requirements so that any Free-mo module can mate with any other Free-mo module. What happens between the module ends is left mostly up to the modeler. This means that Free-mo modules can be short or long (even multi-sectional), straight or curved (odd angles too!). Module size and shape are not specified. Free-mo modules can include junctions, industries, or yards. Very successful Free-mo modules can also be based on mainlines running through scenery. By connecting many Free-mo modules, layouts can take on interesting shapes, including numberous legs, destinations in between, and as many prototypically operational configurations as you can think of!

Most importantly as with any hobby, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!

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